National Service Scheme (NSS) was started in the year of 1969 in India, to bring out opportunities to render valuable help to other people by the students was the main purpose. The Motto of NSS is ‘Not me but you’, which otherwise means, “not for my gain but for your benefit”.


The NSS unit was established in our College in 1974 with one unit, that means One Hundred Volunteers. As students enrolment of the College was much better in the days of the combined Pre-University Courses and Degree Courses in the College, we have had Five (5) Units. But under the National Education Programme which dictated the Pre-University course to be attached to High School, the units were reduced to three till date.

The names of the Programme Officers of our College from the beginning up to this current session are as given below:


Prof. Vanlalzuata

Prof. Chhawnvunga

Prof. BS Kailiana

Prof. H. Hmingthanzauva

Prof. Zirsangliana Paite

Prof. C. Laldailova I PO (at present)

Prof. R. Lalchhuanawma II PO (at present)

Prof. T. Zahmingthangi III PO (at present)



It is a great pleasure indeed to see the NSS members of our college units, sparing no pains to the fulfilment of the schemes with all their activities and earnestness. Due to the excellent services rendered by the NSS volunteers under the erstwhile North Eastern Hill University, our Units were selected to do ‘Activity’ abroad in other states two times. During the last academic session, the N.A.S Chapter, Rajasthan organised NSS Winter Adventure camp at Bikaner during 3.1.2012 – 10.1.2012, four volunteers from our units attended and participated fruitfully. They are –


1) Lalbiakhlui, II Sem. B.C.A

2) Mimie Lalhminghlui, II yr. B.A

3) Remruatpuia, II Sem. B.A

4) VL Hmangaihdawngtharzela, II Sem. B.A


There are two kinds of activities of NSS – Special Camping activity and Regular activity. From the beginning, we have many Special camping in and around Champhai town with various themes like : Youth Against Dirt and Diseases; Youth for Afforestation; Rodent Control Camping; Youth for Cleanliness; National Integration; Youth for Water Conservation; Healthy youth for healthy India; Health, sanitation and personal hygiene etc. All these works were carried out under the guidance of Programme Officers with others organisations in a befitting manner.