Physics Syllabus

Course Code Name of Subjects Type

First Semester

PH101 Mechanics and Thermodynamics Theory
PH101(i) Laboratory – I Practical

Second Semester

PH201 Oscillations, Accoustics and Optics Theory
PH201(i) Laboratory – II Practical

Third Semester

PH301 Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics – I & Electronics – I Theory
PH301(i) Laboratory – III Practical

Fourth Semester

PH401 Atomic, Nuclear Physics – I and Solid State Physics – I Theory
PH401(i) Laboratory – IV Practical

Fifth Semester

PH501 Mathematical Physics – I Theory
PH502 Quantum Mechanics – II Theory
PH503 Classical Mechanics nd Thermal Physics Theory
PH503(i) Laboratory – V Practical
Optional (Any one from below)
PH504(a) Spectroscopy Theory
PH504(b) C Language and Numerical Methods Theory
PH504(i) Laboratory – VI Practical

Sixth Semester

PH601 Mathematical Physics II Theory
PH602 Nuclear Physics II Theory
PH603 Electromagnetic Theory Theory
PH603(i) Laboratory – VII Practical
Optional (Any one from below)
PH604(a) Solid State Physics – II Theory
PH604(b) Electronics – II Theory
PH604(i) Laboratory – VIII Practical