Computer Science Questions

Course Code Name of Subjects Type Questions

First Semester

BCA101 English Language & Communication Skills Theory 2015 |
BCA102 Mathematics-I (Bridge Course) Theory 2014 | 2015 |
BCA103 Introduction to Information Technology Theory 2014 |
BCA104 Digital Computer Fundamentals Theory 2015 |
BCA105 Programming Language through C Theory 2015 |
BCA103P PC Applications and Internet Technology Practical 2014 | 2015 |
BCA105P Programming in C Practical 2014 | 2015 |

Second Semester

BCA201 Personality and Soft Skills Development Theory 2014 2015 |
BCA202 Mathematics –II (Discrete Mathematics) Theory 2014 2015 |
BCA203 Data Structure using C Theory 2014 |
BCA204 System Analysis and Design Theory 2014 | 2015 |
BCA205 Accounting and Financial Management Theory 2014 | 2015 |
BCA203P Data Structure using C Practical 2014 |
BCA205P Tally ERP 9.0 Practical 2014 | 2015 |

Third Semester

BCA301 Management Information Systems Theory 2014 | 2015 |
BCA302 Mathematics – III (Numerical Analysis) Theory 2014 | 2015 |
BCA303 Operating Systems Theory Coming Soon
BCA304 Object Oriented Programming in C++ Theory 2014 | 2015 |
BCA305 Computer Organization and Architecture Theory 2014 |
BCA303P Unix and Shell Programming Practical 2015 |
BCA304P C++ Programming Practical 2014 | 2015 |

Fourth Semester

BCA401 Environment and Ecology Theory 2014 |
BCA402 Database Management Systems Theory Coming Soon
BCA403 Computer Networking Theory 2014 |
BCA404 Software Engineering Theory Coming Soon
BCA405 GUI Programming Theory Coming Soon
BCA402P Oracle Laboratory Practical 2014 |
BCA405P VB Programming with Mini Project Practical Coming Soon

Fifth Semester

BCA501 Introduction to Java Programming Theory Coming soon
BCA502 Computer Graphics and Multimedia Theory 2014 |
BCA503 Microprocessors Theory Coming Soon
BCA504 Software Project Management Theory Coming Soon
BCA501P Java Programming Practical Coming Soon
BCA503P Assembly Language Programming Practical Coming Soon
Elective – I (Any one from below)
BCA5E1 Introduction to e-Governance Theory Coming Soon
BCA5E2 Computer Network Security Theory Coming Soon
BCA5E3 Data Mining and Warehousing Theory | 2017 |

Sixth Semester

Elective – II (Any one from below)
BCA6E1 Operation Research Theory Coming Soon
BCA6E2 Theory of Computing Theory Coming Soon
BCA6E3 Fundamentals of TCP/IP Theory Coming Soon
BCA6E4 IT Acts and Cyber Laws Theory Coming Soon
Elective – III (Any one from below)
BCA6E5 Artificial Intelligence Theory Coming Soon
BCA6E6 Internet and e-Commerce Theory Coming Soon
BCA6E7 Simulation and Modeling Theory Coming Soon
BCA6E8 Analysis and Design of Algorithms Theory Coming Soon