B.Com Question Bank

Course Code Name of Subjects Type Questions
 First Semester
BC/1/FC/01 English Paper Theory Coming Soon
BC/1/CC/02 Fundamentals of Accounting Theory 2016 | 2017
BC/1/CC/03 Business Organisation & Management Theory 2016 | 2017
BC/1/CC/04 Computer Application in Business Theory 2016| 2017 |
BC/1/CC/04P Computer Application in Business Practical 2017 |
 Second Semester
BC/2/FC/05 Gender Sensitization / English Paper – II Theory  Coming Soon
BC/2/CC/06 Functional Areas of Business Theory  Coming Soon
BC/2/CC/07 Cost Accounting Theory  Coming Soon
BC/2/CC/08 Banking & Insurance Theory  Coming Soon
 Third Semester
BC/3/FC/09 History of Science / Language Paper (MIL) Theory Coming Soon
BC/3/CC/10 Indian Economy Theory 2017 |
BC/3/CC/11 Management Accounting Theory | 2017 |
BC/3/CC/12 Business Regulatory Framework Theory 2017 |
 Fourth Semester
BC/4/FC/13 Environment Studies Theory Coming Soon
BC/4/CC/14 Entrepreneurship Theory Coming Soon
BC/4/CC/14P Entrepreneurship – Project Work Practical Coming Soon
BC/4/CC/15 Industrial and Company Law Theory Coming Soon
BC/4/CC/16 Quantitative Techniques Theory Coming Soon
 Fifth Semester
BC/5/CC/17 Business Economics Theory Coming soon
BC/5/CC/18 Income Tax Law and Practice Theory 2016 | 2017 |
BC/5/CC/19 Indian Financial System Theory 2015 | 2016 | 2017
BC/5/CC/20 Optional Paper – 1 BC/5/CC/16 F/M/E* Theory
BC/5/CC/20P Optional Paper – 1 BC/5/CC/16 E* Practical
Elective – I
BC/5/CC/16 F Financial Management Theory Coming Soon
BC/5/CC/16 M Principles of Marketing Theory Coming Soon
BC/5/CC/16 E Internet & WWW Theory 2015 | 2016 | 2017
 Sixth Semester
BC/6/CC/21 Auditing & Corporate Governance Theory Coming Soon
BC/6/CC/22 Financial Accounting Theory Coming Soon
BC/6/CC/23 Corporate Accounting Theory Coming Soon
BC/6/CC/24 Optional Paper – 2 BC/6/CC/24 F/M/E* Theory
BC/6/CC/24P IOptional Paper – 2 BC/6/CC/24 E* Theory
Elective – II
BC/6/CC/24 F Capital Market Operations Theory Coming Soon
BC/6/CC/24 M Agricultural & Rural Marketing Theory Coming Soon
BC/6/CC/24 E Essentials of E-Commerce Theory Coming Soon