Location and Infrastructure


At the very start of the establishment, since there was no separate location or building for the College, from 6.8.1971 onwards the class was started at Gandhi Memorial High School (GMHS) due to the dedication and generosity of the School staff. The class started at noon from 3:00 pm onwards. After a year of attending at GMHS, since there were some problems faced by the School staff in matters of infrastructure, the College had to shift elsewhere. On 4.8.1972, a proposal to take class at Government Middle School, Kahrawt was sought and on 7.8.1972, they received a notice from the School Headmaster granting their request. After shifting, the College went on taking classes till 8.10.1973 and shifted to the present College campus when it got its own building.

Regarding the location of the College several places were inquired by the founders which was a gruelling work, as to what would be the best for years to come. Places such as Mualbawk (present location of Excise Department), Sirte Mual (now District Jail), and Vaihmun (where Tourist Lodge is presently situated) were considered. The location of Vaihmun was measured and permission was asked to the State Government for the location; and the Government accepted their application and gave the land. But considering from different sides, the Governing Board felt that the breadth of the land was not big enough, so they inquired other places too. The present campus where College is situated now, i.e. below Chhangphut Field was willingly given by Pu Selluaia and Pu R.Chalbawiha. Thus followed the preparation for College building and on 9.4.1973, Pu Vaivenga, Minister i/c, Education & Revenue Department, laid the foundation stone. After the College building was readied on 8.10.1973 they shifted from Govt. M.E School, Kahrawt.

The Governing Board were deeply grateful to Pu Selluaia for his willingness in giving away his precious land. Their sincere gratitude was seen in this letter:


Memo No.CC/19/73/310-11                        Dated Champhai the 3rd January, 1973
Pu Selluaia
Champhai, Mizoram
Champhai College Committee highly appreciates your kindness and willingness to give your valuable land for College campus. The dedication you showed towards the welfare of Champhai town is indeed praiseworthy and we do not know any other way to show our earnest gratitude than to just say “Thank you very much”. If there is any way in which we can be of service to your benefit, the Committee is most willing to help you.

College Committee, Champhai

Copy to:
The Editor, Khawchhak Meichher, Champhai—“We would be most grateful if you can publish this letter of appreciation in your newspaper according to your convenience”.


Government Champhai College campus covers an area of 31.46 bighas in breadth and the number of buildings she has at present are:

1). Main lecture building & Administrative building: 
For the construction of the first building, application for Building Grant was submitted to the Director of Education, Govt. of Mizoram on 25.11.1972. At the initial stage, the Total Estimate was Rs. 2,76,300/- which includes Administrative Building. According to the first plan, it was estimated to plan the lecture building in this way:

Plint area of the Building:
Main Lecture Building : 9816 sq.feet
Office Building : 1240 sq.feet

From the Grant requested, the Government had sanctioned Advance money of Rs. 50,000; 30 bundles of GCI sheet for roofing along with Furniture Grant of Rs. 10,000 was also requested on 8.12.1972. Their request was granted and on 25.1.1973, they received more than the requested GCI sheets i.e. 37 bundles of GCI sheet from Director of Supply & Transport, Govt. of Mizoram. From the sanctioned money the first building was constructed; tender notice was put up and Pu Denghlira (C. Denga) & his party were selected on 19.2.1973 to construct with a sum of Rs. 40,000.

Along with the construction of the Main Lecture Building, Chowkidar Shed was also constructed with a sum of Rs. 4,500. Tender notice was made by which Pu Hrangkhuma, Kahrawt was selected and he constructed the petite Chowkidar Shed.

These two buildings were estimated to be completed before the end of May 1973, but due to financial shortage, they could not complete on time.

On 3.10.1973 application for Additional building grant was submitted to the Joint Director of Education, where Rs. 50,000/- was granted for the construction of Main Building; with this money constructed building was extended northward to a size of 65’ x 20’. On 17.2.1975 building materials for the extension of building – 17 bundles of GCI sheet and 200 Cement bags were requested from the Government again. The construction of the Main Lecture Building was finally completed within the year 1973-75 with all possible aid from the Government; for which the College is indeed most grateful.

2). Boys’ Hostel Building: 
From the very beginning of the opening of the College, the need for construction of hostel was very high, as many students came from remote villages. Thus immediate actions were taken and help was sought again from the government on March, 1973 and April, 1973.
For the location of hostel, Sirte Mual which covers an area of 25 acres approximately was requested to the Settlement Officer, Aizawl Mizoram. The name of the hostel was also planned to be named after the first Director of Education, Dr. G.N. Chatterji. From the total estimate of Rs. 84,400 for the materials required in the construction, if the government could sanction Rs. 50,000/- the Governing Board was willing to procure the remaining Rs. 34,400 needed. But unfortunately this time their request was not successful.

After a couple of years had gone, on 7.3.1975 another Hostel Building Grant of Rs. 1,05,600/- was requested again to the Director of Education. The government granted Rs. 55,000/- and with that money the construction of Hostel building was started from 1975. On 24.1.1976 another sum of Rs. 1,28,597 and Furniture Grant of Rs. 21,240 was requested from the government. But the latter could not grant their exact requirement. 100 bags of cement were sanctioned by Supply & Transport Dept. And thus Hostel Building was made ready to occupy within the year 1976.

3). Principal’s Quarter: 
For the construction of Principal’s Quarter, a sum of Rs. 65,000 was requested on 10.1.1976, and another sum of Rs. 67,000 on 31.7.1977; this is 25% of the total estimation. From the money granted by the government, the construction was started and it was completed in 1978.

4). Four Lecturers’ Quarter:
At present, the College has four quarters for accommodation of teaching faculty which being occupied. How these buildings were constructed, and what sources of funds had been sought could not be ascertained as relevant documents were lost or not being found.

5). Two Group ‘D’ employees’ Quarter:
Similar to the above mentioned residential buildings, these quarters were presently occupied, but what-about and how-about of their existence could not be circumstantially established.

6). Students’ Day Home:
This building was constructed near the present Canteen building with remittance from the NSS in the year 1996.

7). College Canteen: 
A new canteen building of two storeys was constructed on 16.8.1996 at the same place where the old canteen was built. It was planned not only for canteen but also for Students’ common room cum Office. For the construction of College Canteen and College Hall, Shri Hiphei, M.P (RS) and Shri Dr Silvera, M.P (LS) had given Rs. 2,00,000/- each from MP’s Local Area Development Fund. We are most grateful to them. At present, the first floor houses the table tennis court.

8). College Hall cum Indoor Stadium: 
The construction of the College hall was started from 1996, with plinth area covering an area of 2526 sq. feet. It is a spacious accommodation of 300 people, with a wide and comfortable stage, and a Dressing Room and Toilet at the back of the Stage. For the construction of this Hall, a sum of Rs. 7.5 lakhs was received from MP’s Local Area Development Fund (LADS), we convey our earnest gratitude to our MPs for their generosity and especially to Mr Hiphei, M.P, Rajya Sabha; for his contributions and hard work by which the hall came into being. The construction was completed in 17.5.2000, and on 19.5.2000 it was inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner, Pu C. Hmingthanzuala, I.A.S.

9). Women’s Hostel Building:
Girls’ hostel which was planned and projected from 1996 was actually constructed during 2001-2002 session. The estimated amount for the construction was Rs. 7.62 lakhs, and from ‘Development Assistance to Colleges’ (VIII Plan period) under UGC Rs. 2.38 lakhs was received, and with this 25% of all the estimated work was completed. After this, as the source of fund from UGC has dried up, the problems were passed on to Pu Vanlalzawma, M.P Lok Sabha who has sanctioned an amount of Rs. 2 lakhs and with that 60% of the work was completed. We are indeed most grateful and our sincere gratitude goes to him.

Besides this ongoing women’s hostel construction, the UGC has allocated another Rs 40 lakhs for a new Women’s Hostel, out of which Rs 36 lakhs was received till date and a new and better Women’s Hostel is being constructed. We are very thankful to the UGC for such amount of money for construction of a well-equipped Women’s Hostel.

10). Renewable energy park:
Through Power & Electricity Department, the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES), Govt. of India has allotted us a ‘Solar energy park’ with a sum of Rs. 1,73,400. The work was carried out by P&E Deptt., IREP wing, Project Director and was completed on 19.7.2000. Under this project came the followings such as—Solar water heater, solar street lights and indoor lights, solar distiller, bio-gas plant (prototype), chullahs and solar cookers. But unfortunately before we could use these new things for long, the solar plate was unrightfully robbed by some thieves and we were deeply disappointed that we could not make use of the importance and value of it.

11). Science Laboratory building:
The construction of Science Laboratory buildings was started during 1999-2000 session, with a sum of Rs. 4.5 lakhs that came under UGC ‘scheme of development assistance’ during the IX plan period, the construction was completed during 2001-2002 session.

12). Basket ball-cum-Volley ball Court:
This Court was prepared through the initiatives of DRDA Champhai, JGSY during 2001-2002 session. The total amount spent on this construction was Rs. 1.2 lakhs. We are most grateful to Pu K. Riachho, Deputy Commissioner and Pu C. Ralkapa, Project Director, DRDA who have put all their efforts for bringing this construction of Basket ball-cum-Volley ball Court successful.

13). Construction of Masonry Step:
A sum of Rs. 47,600 was received from the government for the construction of Steps between Administrative Building and College Hall, with which construction was started during 2001-2002 session. In 2003-2004 session, through the Directorate of Higher & Technical Education (HTE) and Border Area Development Programme (BADP), the government financed additional fund with which the construction was finished and an excellent one of 158 meters long was constructed.

14). Library Building:
With a sum of Rs. 2,77,000/- that was received from UGC, the construction of Library building was started from September 2004, and was completed in 2005. It is a fortunate thing that we could have this kind of spacious and well-established Library where reading atmosphere is very appropriate for the students and staff as well. At the present state, there are 3 workers in the Library:

Pi Sainguri Sailo – Deputy Librarian
Pi PC Lalhriatpuii – Library Assistant
Pu Lalbuanga Khawlhring – Library Attendant

15). Construction of new buildings (on goings):
The demand (Project) for construction of new building under Doner Ministry, Govt. of India was submitted to the Govt. of Mizoram in 2009 through an application. Pu V. Suakbuanga, Principal and Pu Zirsangliana had put a lot of efforts and worked very hard on it. Pu Zothansanga, MLA (Champhai North ST Constituency) and Pu Lalthanhawla, Chief Minister, together had contributed to bring it to a success. And the project materialized in 2012; the following allocated building funds were released by the Doner Ministry, GOI:

Total Fund Sanctioned : 951 lakhs
1) Science & BCA building : 219.3 lakhs
2) Arts & Commerce building : 186.89 lakhs
3) Multipurpose Hall building : 140.74 lakhs
4) Administrative & Library building : 122.74 lakhs
5) Boys’ Hostel building : 103.67 lakhs
6) Girls’ Hostel building : 40.45 lakhs
7) One Staff Quarter building : 19.41 lakhs

The construction work started from May 2012; it is looked after by Public Works Department, Govt. of Mizoram and is planned to be completed within 18 months from the start of the construction. The following contractors took charges of these buildings:

Science & BCA building :
Name of Contractor : Pu R.Liantluanga
Working Contractor : Pu K. Lalhriatpuia, Vengthlang, Champhai

Arts & Commerce building :
Name of Contractor : Pu V.L Zuala, Aizawl
Working Contractor : Pu H.Lalzawmliana, Kahrawt,Champhai

Multipurpose Hall building :
Name of Contractor : Pu Lalnunmawia, Khatla, Aizawl.
Working Contractor : Pu Roseia, Ruantlang;
Pu Khawmpuithanga, Ruantlang;
Pu Ruatchhunga, Tlangsam.

Administrative & Library building :
Name of Contractor : Pu R.Lianthanga
Working Contractor : Pu Lalhmingthanga, Kahrawt,Champhai.

Boys’ Hostel building :
Name of Contractor : Pu K.M Thanzuala, Saron Veng, Aizawl.

Girls’ Hostel / Guest House :
Name of Contractor : Pu Lalthuama Sailo
Working Contractor : Pu Lalhmangaiha, Vaphai.

One Staff Quarter building :
Name of Contractor : Pu F.Lalhundika
Working Contractor : Pi Nguri, Aizawl.

After completion of all the new buildings, the college shall have one of the best infrastructural buildings not only in Mizoram but also in the whole of North Eastern States.